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Rocky Mountain Remedies

Relaxation Bath Tea

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Relaxation Bath Tea is the natural way to enjoy an at-home spa night. With no artificial fragrance or ingredients you can enjoy your bath the toxin-free way. The relaxation bath tea is the perfect relaxation formula that can ease your mind and body. Soak away soreness, enjoy aromatherapy, and promote healing. Contains a wooden spoon for scooping and an unbleached cotton bag for steeping. 

INSTRUCTIONS: scoop or pour desired amount into the unbleached cotton bag provided. Tie the bag to close and steep in bath water as you soak in the tub. Rinse bag to reuse again.

INGREDIENTS: *organic lavender buds, *organic pink roses, * organic red roses, organic chamomile, himalayan pink salt, proprietary blend of organic essential oils: *lavender
* USDA certified
Organic herbs and botanicals grown by From Now On Flower Farm:



❀ Lavender buds- improve skin texture and hydration. Promote sleep and stress reduction. Soothes muscles and joint pain.

❀ Chamomile- helps to reduce redness and soothes irritated or sensitive skin. Moisturizes dry, itchy skin. Promote sleep and stress reduction.

❀ Roses- a mood enhancer that aids feelings of anxiety. Promotes better sleep. Moisturizes and restores the skin.

❀ Himalayan salt- restores skin cells and helps your body obtain moisture. Reduces stress, fatigue, and body pain.






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